Period Property Renovation – Some Golden Rules To Avoid Costly Mistakes

Period properties invariably have a character and a charm that is very captivating. Despite being charming, these properties are usually associated with high expense and restoration costs. Renovation of such projects is quite challenging and while fulfilling are not for the faint-hearted.

If you are seriously planning about buying a period property, a thorough research is essential before you jump. The more knowledge you have the more problems you will avoid later. Breathing new life into an old home, rescuing a period gem from ruining or simply renovating it on a budget can be unbelievably rewarding.

When you want to renovate that period property, make sure that you have prepared for it in advance. It will make the whole process to run smoothly and help you account for the cost of your renovation more precisely. Thus, it becomes important to follow this house renovation checklist for everything you need to do before and after work start.

  • Confirm About Renovation Restrictions – When you are planning to buy a property for sale in the UK , it is important to check that whether it is listed or not. In case the property is listed, it becomes essential to get listed building consent for doing necessary alterations.
  • Choose Best Contractors – Get recommendations from family and friends and find an architect, builder and, if needed, a project manager. Involving experts in this job will help you get a perfect idea of the costs involved.
  • Right Insurance – If you are hiring a contractor for the job, make sure that the contractor has site insurance which covers public liability, employer’s liability, legal expenses and damages on site. This is important in the case if any unthinkable situation occurs, not being insured will have a major impact on your project.
  • Assess The Property Condition and Stabilise It – The first stage of any renovation process is to get a detailed evaluation of the property condition as any building vacant from a long time will inescapably start to depreciate. Also carry out a condition survey that will report well on issues such as damp, infestation or subsidence.
  • Pick Your Battles – If you are having any constraints related to space or budget, prioritize what is more important to you before making any decision. Make sure that you don’t over-spend or over specify on areas that will not add any value in future.

Period property renovation can become a nightmare when not done strategically. Impractical mistakes can cost you thousands. If you’re looking to bring your home to its former period glory, following this step guide will help you avoid the pitfalls that a renovation project may pose to you both in terms of costly mistakes and bad decisions and also your general wellbeing, health and of course your bank balance.

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