4 Space Efficient Housing Concepts For Indian Real Estate

India is home to almost 1.3 billion people making it the 2nd most populated country in the world. With limited space and increasing population, India can soon face the problem of land crisis, thus creating a need for smart and sustainable architecture.. Smart housing concepts not only save money but also plan the architecture to utilize space efficiently.

Some of the space-efficient housing concepts include:

1. Co-housing

Co-housing is concept that has persisted in India for a long time and is now trending in the metropolitan cities. It is a type of housing with shared facilities and amenities that allows people to live together sharing a common housing space and promotes the idea of community living. The idea is budget friendly, eco-friendly, and provides people with a chance to socialize.

2. Tiny Homes

Tiny homes require minimal space and can be constructed in an area dimensioning between 100 to 400 square feet. The concept can play a major role in achieving the objective of “housing for all” as it requires less capital investment and utilizes space efficiently to meet all the housing requirements of the residents. Construction of these tiny homes aids in providing shelter to a large number of people and also promotes eco-friendly practices with energy-efficiency.

3. Capsule Apartments

Popular in the world’s most populated country, the idea of capsule apartments is the most space-efficient housing concept that India can adopt. Largely occupied by a single dweller, these are structured to fulfill basic housing requirements of the residents. Though this newer concept has already dwelled its roots in India, people are yet to fully accept the idea of an apartment with sleeping space only.

4. Container Homes

Converting shipping containers into creative homes is not only a space-efficient housing solution, but also an environment friendly practice of recycling. People can convert a single container into a simple tiny house, or may even use multiple containers to build a multi-story building. With the first ever Indian container house built in Bangalore, people are slowly recognizing them as a potential solution to cope with expensive housing market of the country.

Housing is a challenge with the current demand and availability of land in the country. These solutions allow you to use resources with minimal costs and increase the efficiency of your home. Since your home is your comfort zone, you must only contact the best architecture firms in Mumbai for building your ideal and efficient home.

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