4 Space Efficient Housing Concepts For Indian Real Estate

India is home to almost 1.3 billion people making it the 2nd most populated country in the world. With limited space and increasing population, India can soon face the problem of land crisis, thus creating a need for smart and sustainable architecture.. Smart housing concepts not only save money but also plan the architecture to utilize space efficiently.

Some of the space-efficient housing concepts include:

1. Co-housing

Co-housing is concept that has persisted in India for a long time and is now trending in the metropolitan cities. It is a type of housing with shared facilities and amenities that allows people to live together sharing a common housing space and promotes the idea of community living. The idea is budget friendly, eco-friendly, and provides people with a chance to socialize.

2. Tiny Homes

Tiny homes require minimal space and can be constructed in an area dimensioning between 100 to 400 square feet. The concept can play a major role in achieving the objective of “housing for all” as it requires less capital investment and utilizes space efficiently to meet all the housing requirements of the residents. Construction of these tiny homes aids in providing shelter to a large number of people and also promotes eco-friendly practices with energy-efficiency.

3. Capsule Apartments

Popular in the world’s most populated country, the idea of capsule apartments is the most space-efficient housing concept that India can adopt. Largely occupied by a single dweller, these are structured to fulfill basic housing requirements of the residents. Though this newer concept has already dwelled its roots in India, people are yet to fully accept the idea of an apartment with sleeping space only.

4. Container Homes

Converting shipping containers into creative homes is not only a space-efficient housing solution, but also an environment friendly practice of recycling. People can convert a single container into a simple tiny house, or may even use multiple containers to build a multi-story building. With the first ever Indian container house built in Bangalore, people are slowly recognizing them as a potential solution to cope with expensive housing market of the country.

Housing is a challenge with the current demand and availability of land in the country. These solutions allow you to use resources with minimal costs and increase the efficiency of your home. Since your home is your comfort zone, you must only contact the best architecture firms in Mumbai for building your ideal and efficient home.

Monest Helps You Find The Best Real Estate Agent With Local Expertise

A real estate agent should know a locality like the back of his hand. But the fact is that real estate agents with local expertise are few. This makes the search for best real estate agents quite difficult. Thanks to Monest, clients can now find the best real estate agents who are experts in the local areas.

Locality-specific needs

Many clients have locality-specific property needs. Only those agents who deal in properties located in the specified areas can provide exclusive options to their clients. Monest has a veritable list of top real estate agents who have a greater focus on localities. What they are able to offer their clients is something no other property portal can deliver.


Since top real estate agents have insightful knowledge about the localities, they can suggest the localities to prefer or avoid on the basis of safety. If the locality is not good for the safety of women or families, the best real estate agents suggest so to their clients and save their valuable investment and life from ruin. As Monest is home for such top real estate agents with locality-based insider knowledge, it is the best option to bank on before making a property-related decision.


The top real estate agent knows the localities where the amenities available are

the best. The cost of living varies from one locality to another. A top real estate agent provides inputs regarding commute time and transport cost to his clients. If it is far from schools or office areas, then it is not preferable to opt for. Monest has property agents who furnish correct information about localities. Other agents in the market are never transparent in these matters.

Price trends

Since property prices fluctuate from one street to another within the same locality, the buyer needs a top real estate agent who can tell the wide differences and explain the overpricing of properties. One property on the same stretch does not command the same price as the next property. When prices vary sharply in a locality, only a top real estate agent operating on Monest shares the reason for the fluctuation in price with the client and updates him about the real scenario. Agents elsewhere never reveal information that is likely to harm their business. The best real estate agents on Monest believe their business will grow if they guide their clients honestly in locality matters.

Local infrastructure

The existing and upcoming infrastructure projects in localities are important. Suppose a flyover is under construction in an area or a big hospital is proposed, then the price is likely to appreciate in the future. A top real estate agent operating on Monest shares infrastructural potential of the particular locality due to various projects in the pipeline so that the client makes a wise choice for the long term.

Locality knowledge

Monest has top real estate agents who declare themselves as locality or area specific professionals to get the specialist tag and save the precious time of clients. As they declare themselves to be locality experts, they know everything about the locality and not just the property leads. This helps buyers to educate themselves and decide whether they should go ahead with their plan. If a real estate agent is focused on the northern part of the city, he can offer good options from this part of the city and get more leads for his sharp focus on this particular area.

Monest has many top real estate agents offering locality based solutions to clients. Navigate the platform to meet the best real estate agent with local expertise with minimum effort and in quick time.

The Effects of Colours in a House

A house of your own is a dream of many. And making that house your home is a huge task. It is a task that requires dedication, patience and constant efforts. The biggest part of personalizing your home is the colors you choose to deck up the walls of your house. If you have recently got a house and are struggling to choose the right colors, or even if you are renovating and need ideas, this blog is the right place to start with.

Here’s how colors dictate the personality of your home.

1. Bright colors

Colors like yellow, red, orange, bright pink, parrot green, etc, give an illusion of more space and make your house look bigger than it is! Plus, it is a refreshing change from the dull colors like white, beige and brown.

2. Complex colors

If your personality is more subtle and relaxed, complex colors are the way for you. Deck up your walls in subtle shades of eggshell, turquoise, forest green and feel the vibes reflecting your persona. They give a more unique energy to the house.

3. Red

Red is the color of hunger, psychologically! Ever wondered why so many eateries have tones of red in their interior? Red increases your appetite and you end up craving more food. Painting the dining hall red works wonder in solving any eating problems you might face.

4. Dark tones

Shades of brown, olive green, grey and other dark colors provide a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere. The colors are perfect for winter decor since they provide a feeling of coziness. Plus, with dark colors, you don’t have to repaint the walls as often since they don’t rust easy.

5. Cool tones

In contrast, you can use cool tones like blue, white, light green give the feeling of coolness and calm. They work best in summers. However, coloring the walls of your bedroom or study in cooler tones assures peace and concentration.

6. Subtle tones

Lavender, peach, lemon yellow are some of the subtle shades that you can paint your walls in. They are more relaxing and welcoming. These colors are most suitable for living space since that’s where you entertain your guests. The colors make you feel comfortable and at ease to have conversations.

7. Your favorite color!

Have your walls painted in the color you love the most to make yourself feel at home at best. If nothing, have it as part of your decor with pattern designs. You can also use the colors in your bathroom to feel relaxed in shower. Plus a good mirror selfie never hurts!

8. Green

Green is the color of peace and concentration. Putting it in your study will help you concentrate in your work without distractions. Plus, you will get the vibe of sitting outside with plants and grass around you. It’s a win-win situation!

9. Purple

Purple signifies royalty and romance. The color might not go that well on your walls but putting up purple curtains in your room definitely helps. You can mix it up with subtle colors to make the color more outstanding.

10. Shades of pink

Pink is the best color to have in the meditation or spirituality room, especially in baby tones. The color helps you concentrate on the higher power and have a calming effect on your mind.

Colors are very effective when it comes to home decor. They speak a lot about a person and their vibes. Choose yours wisely!


Uses of Advanced Technology in Construction

Today, there is no industry that claims that it has not been affected by the rapidly evolving technology. Many would want only to think about the manufacturing industry and the world of computers when the term technology is mentioned. But few can associate construction with the use of advanced technology. The truth is, advanced technology has been used to a larger extent in the construction industry. If you aren’t sure how then reads this post to know more.

The wearables:-

The construction industry can be risky at times, and this is why we have wearables for the constructors. Advanced technology has a role to play when it comes to the protection of the players, especially when it comes to the provision of modern helmets. Unlike traditional helmets used by those involved in construction, the modern one is equipped with pull-down visors. They have health-monitoring headband, smart-front and rear-facing cameras, an array of sensors and many other features that are all meant to protect the user.

And it does not stop with the helmets. Advanced technology has made it possible for people to have enhanced safety vests, which is a fundamental ingredient for the productivity of any worker.

The collaborative BIM:-

The building information modeling, or simply BIM, is a single, collaborative and computerized system that combines technology and solid work processes. This technology has made it possible for industry players to have access to crucial information when constructing something. Today, one can access and share relevant information, including but not limited to 3D digital representations of building plans.

With advanced technology in construction, it is now easy to monitor a project even off-site. This is possible given that planners and constructors involved in the project can link and share all aspects of the project to relevant data like manuals, images as well as project specifications.

3D printing and robotics:-

The use of advanced technology in construction has made it possible for people to deploy robotic building arms as well as 3D printers when producing building components. The combination of robotic building arms as well as 3D printer’s technology can use concrete, extruded concrete as well as plastics to print components and other types of buildings. Also, note that this can be done on a larger scale. Examples of 3D-printed buildings can be found in countries like Dubai.

In the building sector, robots can also serve in many other ways. They have been used in excavation, demolition brick placement, accessing areas that might be considered not safe and many other things.

Site surveys and project progress assessment:-

The use of advanced technology in the construction industry has simplified site surveys and project progress assessment. This is because the world over, many people and construction industries are now using unmanned vehicles or drone to reduce the cost of surveys as well as management. These drones can take videos, pictures and even 3D images of the sites where construction is to start or even the stage of an ongoing project.

Drones have also been used in performing logistics monitoring, site inspection and other things relevant to the construction industry.

Easy analytics:-

A construction company that is successful can easily be seen by how it manages risks. And nothing can be better for risk management in any company if not the predictive analytics.

Through the use of predictive analytics, data from subcontractors, suppliers of construction materials, design plans and many others can now be analyzed and any potential for losses be stopped before the venture is undertaken.

A perfect example of innovation that has enhanced proper analysis is the BIM project IQ. This innovation has been used by thousands of the leading edge companies in the analysis of projects before they are undertaken. Based on historical data, this innovation can guide the users to analyze a project, and thus be able to see its viability.

Easy projects management:-

Through the use of advanced technology, it is now easy for one to manage construction projects, even when located in different sites. Unlike log ago when communication was difficult, today people can easily communicate and manage various projects. And this has been made even better through the use of the collaborative BIM.

It is now easy to follow up on what is being done by other participants in the project like the designers through the job site connectivity. This has reduced the time that would have been wasted if one had to keep looking for certain information from certain individuals.

Easy work through augmented reality:

Augmented reality has simplified the work of project managers in many different ways. Imagine the kind of time that would be used for one to inspect a project, maybe days, and one can never be sure that the inspection is done properly. But through the use of augmented reality, one can use an app to do all the work while in one location. Apps like the Measure Kit have been deployed in the construction field to get information about the project. In most cases, augmented reality is useful when it comes to finding the measure, level and places of the various objects in a construction.

Reduction is cost:-

Unlike long ago when one had no choice but to hire so many constructors, today, one has the choice of having just a few industry players to construct and manage a given project. This is because while there is that kind of work that will require human power, there will be other work that will be done by robots and machines, thanks to advanced technology. This plays a big role when it comes to reducing the cost of completing a project, given that the robots and machines will only need maintenance, but no actual payment.

It is true that not everyone s ready to embrace new and advanced technology in the construction industry. Most of the construction professionals quote the price of the technology to be the greatest hindrance to their adoption. But the truth is, a critical analysis will reveal that the new technology has reduced the overall cost of carrying out construction projects the world over.

Building 20th Century Homes With Prefabrication Technology

Prefabricated structures use an assembly line construction process to build a low cost housing alternative that is modern, affordable, energy efficient and customizable.

Types of Prefabricated Houses

Modular homes are constructed in pieces that include electrical finishing, windows and the walls to be assembled on site. They are built in a couple of months, are extremely cost efficient and consist of prefabricated units or modules. The units are joined together at the site and are usually much bigger than the manufactured ones. Instead of using steel posts and steel frames for support, they use wooden beams that can be stacked and rearranged. Modular housing can also be panelized like transportable homes in QLD, which means that the homes are constructed in a factory and shipped to the site. They may also be precut homes that are designed like a jigsaw puzzle which has pieces that fit seamlessly in unique ways. Manufactured homes or mobile homes use chasses or non-removable steel that gives it permanent support. They are a low cost alternative that can be placed on permanent foundations.

Construction of Prefabricated Homes

Prefab granny flats in QLD follow certain construction steps from the inside out. First the floors are assembled and the wooden frame for attachment of wall panels is placed under the floor. Next, using nails and bolts the wall panels are attached and the windows are cut out before the insulated panels are attached. The electrical wiring, plumbing and ceiling are installed next and then workers assemble the roof that has been manufactured off site. Finally the interior and exterior walls are added with cabinets, backsplashes and siding. The walls are then painted before it is transported to the actual site. While most of these homes can be built and installed within a day, customizations can change or extend the time frame.

Pros and Cons of Prefabricated Homes

Modular homes boast of natural lighting and modern geometric designs that maximize energy efficiency. Installation of solar panels and LED lighting can reduce the costs of energy bills while producing clean energy. Transportable homes in QLD do not produce any waste while it is being constructed and is always manufactured to code which means there is no need for inspection checks by the municipality. Since the materials are constructed indoors there is no delay or interference due to weather conditions. The homes are built with careful care and attention to detail and are always built on schedule. Although modular homes can be customized, their design is confined to the options a company may offer. They may also not be a great real estate investment and so they may not be able to offer a great resell price.

Whether you decide to build prefab granny flats in QLD or a customized modular house to suit your personal tastes, choose a builder or company whose design and cost suits you.